About us

Pure and unadulterated is our EiZ

At the beginning it was clear for us: "We want to enchant people with ice cream!" But not a conventional ice cream, something unique. We lovingly call our ice cream EiZ. More individual and creative than others. Our Team of EIS-Zauberei, have the ambition to create an experience for our ice cream eaters.

The EiZ team from Rheinsberg consists of the "Oberzaubermeister" Wolfgang Brasch and eight other full-time employees. Currently, our team is enriching two dual students to the Bachelor of Signs business administration. In addition, 20 temporary staff are employed, depending on the event volume. Over the summer season more full-time employees work in the company.





Guten Tag, mein Name ist Wolfgang Brasch. Seit 1990 bin ich Oberzaubermeister der EIS-Zauberei und habe mir damit meinen Traum verwirklicht. Das EiZ-Team und ich stehen mit Rat und Tat bei jedem EiZ-Anliegen telefonisch oder auch per Mail zur Verfügung.