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With us you will become an ice cream magician. The foundation is our basic organic ice cream. Now you add ingredients of your choice. There are no limits to your creativity. Magic turns your creation into an extraordinarily creamy ice cream before your eyes. What next? Enjoy your ice cream.




You are the ice cream designer

With each EiZ you can have a new, very individual taste adventure. Be your own EiZ designer, live your creativity and experiment like there's no tomorrow. You won't find something like that anywhere else.

You determine what you like. Without any evaluation. Without any limits. It is not quantity that counts but you can count on the quality of your creation.

Taste nature

What you taste is organic and regional products - no artificial colors or flavoring, whether sea buckthorn from regional fields, cherries or strawberries by local fruit farmers.

In our EiZ the natural flavor of fruit and herbs and their healty agents is preserved. How do you like that? Let your tastebuds decide.

EiZ on Tour

Visit us at one of our events in your vicinity!

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Rent your EiZbar

Rent an EiZbar for your event. We are coming to your place and cast a spell on your guests with our creamy ice cream. This will be an execeptionally tasty magic show.

Rent your EiZbar

One idea, one love, one EiZ

You love classic ice creams, don’t you? No problem. You like extraordinary combinations? Let your imagination run wild. You are vegan? Combine your favorite ingredients with our creamy rice milk ice cream.

There is no right or wrong, but sheer individual freedom.

 All basic ice cream types consist of organic ingredients, are certified organic and made according to our own recipes. They contain little sugar and little fat and
are low in calories. In addition to milk ice-cream, frozen yoghurt and chocolate ice-cream we also offer our vegan and lactose-free ice cream made from rice milk.

Diabetics, people with gluten intolerance and allergies enjoy our delicious fruit sorbets.
The EiZ concept does not exclude anybody but, on the contrary, includes everybody.


What type of EiZ are you? Find your EiZ!

  • classic


  • fruity


  • spicy


  • crazy


  • sensible


EiZ-Head office

EIS-Zauberei Rheinsberg
Owner: Wolfgang Brasch e.K.
Kurt-Tucholsky-Str. 36
(germany )16831 Rheinsberg

365 days a year


Internship, dual study or Vocational training - start your career in the world's smallest EiZ-factory!

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