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Pure and unadulterated is our EiZ

From the very beginning it was clear to us: "We want to enchant people with ice cream!" However, not conventional ice cream, but something unique. We lovingly call our ice cream EiZ. More individual and creative than others. We as the EIS-Zauberei team have the ambition to create an experience for our ice cream connoisseurs. 

The EiZ team from Rheinsberg consists of the head magician Wolfgang Brasch and eight full-time employees. At present, our team is enriched by two dual students studying for a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and another two trainees training to become office clerks. In addition, a little over 20 temporary staff are employed, who are allowed to enchant our EiZ lovers, depending on the volume of events. During the summer season, there are additional full-time employees.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about EiZ. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our Team

Die Personen hinter EiZ!

Viola Brasch

EiZ accountant

Hello, I am Viola Brasch. I am the right contact person for questions about finances and personnel at EIS-Zauberei. You are welcome to contact me on 033931 72 4 13 or by e-mail at jobs@eiszauberei.de.

Janette Redel


Hi, I'm Janette Redel and I'm responsible for the office management. I can provide information on all office matters and the appointments of EiZ colleagues on 033931 72 4 12. You can also reach me at info@eiszauberei.de.

EiZ Event Manager & Accountant

Hi, I'm Steven Flöter. If you have an event or an event enquiry, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm also the right person to talk to about invoicing and accounting in general. You can reach me on 033931 72 4 15 or by email at sfloeter@eiszauberei.de.

Björn Preuß

Key Account Manager

Hello, my name is Björn Preuß. I look after the hard-working EiZ partners in Germany and all over the world. You can reach me on 033931 72 4 16. Of course I am also happy to receive mail bpreuss@eiszauberei.de.

Marcel Fulde

Sales & Marketing

Hello, my name is Marcel Fulde. If you have a business idea or an existing company and want to make it unique with our EiZ concept, then I am the right contact. My door is always open, you can also call 033931 72 4 18 or write to me mfulde@eiszauberei.de.

Arthur Skarednov

EiZ Purchasing

Hi, My name is Arthur Skarednov. I take care in the EIS magic that there is always enough supply. Whether it's technical equipment, ingredients for our EiZ or the BIO-Basis-EIS itself. If anyone knows their way around the warehouse and whether we have it on site, it's me! I am happy to receive a call on 033931 72 4 14. You can also reach me at the following e-mail address askarednev@eiszauberei.de.


Mario Strohschein

EiZ Technician

Hello, my name is Mario Strohschein and I am your competent contact person for all matters concerning EiZ technology. I will be happy to support you by telephone on 033931 72 4 17 or help you in writing mstrohschein@eiszauberei.de.

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