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With us you will become an ice cream wizard! The basis is our organic basic ice cream. Now come your ingredients. There are no limits to your creativity. The magic whirl transforms your creation into an outrageously creamy ice cream before your very eyes. And now? Enjoy it!


You're the EiZ-Designer

Let yourself be enchanted

With each EiZ, you can invent a new, completely individual taste experience. Be your own EiZ designer! You decide what tastes good to you.

Nature on your tounge 

What you taste are natural and regional products whose healthy active ingredients are preserved.
Without any artificial colours or flavours.

Which EiZ type are you?

  • Classic


  • Fruity


  • Hot


  • Crazy


  • Consciously


EiZ Central

EIS-Zauberei Rheinsberg
Owner: Viola Brasch
Kurt-Tucholsky-Str. 36
16831 Rheinsberg, germany

Opening hours
365 days a year

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Whether internship, dual study or apprenticeship - start your career now in the smallest EiZ manufacture in the world!

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With our virtual tour you can have a quick look around. We look forward to your visit on site with us or one of the many EiZ magicians in Germany and worldwide.

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EIS-Zauberei® Wolfgang Brasch e.K.  |  Kurt-Tucholsky-Straße 36  |  germany 16831 Rheinsberg, Deutschland

 Tel.: +49 (0) 33931-7240  |  Fax: +49 (0) 33931-72410  | office@eiszauberei.de